Room dividers for office spaces is a conceptual exploration of how patterns can function as a foreclosure in open office spaces to create more privacy. I have worked with patterns in lasercut, print and 3-d constructions. I have focused on techniques with tranparency so that light can come though and so ther still is a simy open view in the office. See some of the samples in the gallery above and pictures from my design process below. 




Handdrawings. Inspiration is forund ind natures universal shapes.

drawing, nature, ink and pen, inspiration, hand drawing, pattern, textile design, black and white dots drawing pattern, variation,

Ground colors

Color collages - making colors for contexts

color, color collage, color scales, experiment, color experiment textile design

9 different color scales based on my ground colors

Process from the screenprint studio

process, screen print

Various experiment in lasercut, plot, print and 3-d constructions.

experiments, pattern, lasercut, textile desing, print, screenprint

Concept realization in actual scale

decoration, glasswall, design school koldign

A pattern decoration created for a 10 meter glass wall at Design School Kolding. I wanted a dramatic composition to fill up the space and lead peple through the hallway.

decoration, pattern, architecture, design, glassware, foil, decoration, glasswall, unique wrap

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