Geometric waves

Geometric Wave is a conceptual project that explores the possibility of transforming a textile in behavior and color over time in the hands of a user. The textile is knitted on an industrial knitting machine with different white fibers. Knitting with a technique that allows the textile to get a 3-dimensional shape when threads are dragged from behind. The user can choose to give the textile a geometric folded structure, which shrinks the area of the textile and can choose to unfold it again and expand the surface. The different fibers are adaptive to different types of dye meaning that the textile can go from white into multiple colors in one-step or several steps. This transformation can be performed in a washing machine or in a pot. The choice of colors are up to the users’ imagination and taste. This change is a permanent step, which can be implemented when the user feel like getting something new or different. The changeability is completely based on textile techniques, materials, colors and knitting stitches.

The project is an outcome on the idea of involving consumers in products by giving them different choices. Involving users gives the opportunity of a stronger relation between consumers and products. A stronger relation will also be a more meaningful and responsible relation which can be a way of creating a more sustainable future for fashion and interior products. If we feel more connected to the things we buy, there is a chance we will take more care of them and keep them for a longer time. 


The project is developed at Rhode Island School of Design, during my exchange study, fall 2015.

Thanks for Jesse Asjes for supervision in digital knit, Nielse Erik Bach boesen for stills and camera for the film, James Joshua Otto for the music Revelation

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Changeable knit, color, dye, shape, geometric waves, concept design, digital knit,

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