Abstract_ customized fashion

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Abstract_ is a conceptual for how to create customized fashion. Through a webbased design tool a customer can go online an type in a personal story. At the same time the webcam is recording facial expressions. All this data is generated into a visual pattern which we use to create your own unique piece of garment from. 


Abstract_ is a brand name for a conceptual project which creates customized fashion. Customers are involved in the design process by generating patterns from their own personal stories. 

The web design tool analyzes what the customer writes and how it is written and transforms this data into a visual representation of the abstract. 

This personal pattern is transformed into a textile and a unique piece of garment.


Interaction: Bjørn Karmann. Fashion: Julie Eriksen Textile: Kristine Boesen


See process pictures below






Process of pattern aesthetics

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Development of color and materials 

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Each textile is developed from different stories and made in the colors we have choosen for the season. 

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Each customer will receive a completely unique and personal product with the story written on the label.

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